Sunday, March 7, 2010


This little quiet boy is becoming not so quiet anymore!!! 
Here is the latest with Carter:
*- He is saying Mama, Dada, Na na when he's fussy, Baba, and SSSSSSSSSS  like a snake.  It's the cutest thing when he looks right at you and makes these sounds like he's really talking to you. 
*- He is still not crawling, but he can move across the entire living room by moving backwards, turning in circles, and rolling.  He's sooo close!!
*- His balance is really improving.  He stands holding on to the ottoman, saucer, or hands for a long time.  He'll even let go with one hand to give you a high five. 
*- He is starting to eat some real food now.  He loves his cheese puffs and cookie biscuits.  He gets really messy.  I think he does it intentionally because he loves to be wiped off with a wet towel so much.  He loves to have his face and hands wiped down.  I think most babies hate that part!!! 
*- He kisses me all the time :)  I don't even have to initiate it!!!
*- He is now on good terms with the lion!!

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Karen said...

I cannot wait to love on this baby!!!!