Sunday, March 28, 2010


Wow.  It seems like I just posted about Carter turning 9 months!!!
In just the past week and a half, Carter has just blossomed.  He has become so funny.  He's not that sweet quiet little boy anymore. (still sweet, just not quiet)
- He waves bye bye by squeezing a fist and letting go.  He has even said it a couple of times.
- He can stand forever now holding on to the ottoman.  He's even starting to try to move a little too.  He army crawled foward a couple of inches the other day.
- He is becoming quite the eater (well, I guess he's always been. Haha.)  He is eating crackers, french fries, and even tiny bites of chicken.  He is the messiest eater. I think this boy will eat just about anything at any time!!
- He's not liking the saucer too much now.  I think he's bored with it.  He loves to stand up to the ottoman more than anything.
- On most days, Carter is taking only one nap now.
- He loves to take steps while holding our hands.  It's so funny because he'll just stop and try to jump.  He LOVES to jump!!
- He is laughing so much more now.  I love it!!  He especially laughs at his sister!!
- His new thing is to make a growling sound when he wants your attention.  So cute!!
- His other new thing is to twist his head and turn to look at you.  He will move his whole head around to try to get himself in your view and then he'll smile when you look at him.  He's a flirt!!
- He still loves his baths, but now we can't fill it too full because he loves to get on his belly!!
This little boy just keeps getting sweeter and more fun!!  We love you Carter Edward!!

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