Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yesterday after work and school we went to the zoo for a preview of the new children's zoo.  On the way home, we were stopped at an intersection and Caroline said, "Look Momma.  It's an ocagon."  I said, an octogon??.  She said, "yes, right there that stop sign."  I was amazed and asked where she learned that.  She said Miss Rebecca taught her at school.  I LOVE that Rebecca is running her class now.  At the end of the week she passes out a sheet of what they learned throughout the week and what they will be learning the next week.  Every week they learn a letter, number, shape, days of the week and months, and a bible story.  I had no idea what she was learning or most likely not learning before.  She also named about 10 things yesterday that start with the letter B.  Thank you God for moving Rebecca to Caroline's class!!!!


Karen said...

Rebecca is a blessing! I can't wait to hear all about what Caroline knows. Such a smart girl!!!

Larsen Family said...

cute blog! glad you remembered our blog name! yea...we have tried teething tablets. Oh well. today was a little bit. hopefully tomorrow will be awesome!
that is so cool that she is learning that. makenna says some of the funnest things too that she learned at school.