Monday, March 29, 2010


Here are some funny quotes/stories from Caroline lately.  She is so smart and funny!!
- She has decided to shorten everyone's names. 
Pickles is Picks
Mimsy is Mims
Nannie is Non. 
Nanno is Nans.
Papa is Pops.
Carter is Cards. 
- The other day I said Caroline do you want your blankie...  She didn't say anything.  I asked her again and she said, "Do you mean my blanket?"  I said oh, is that what you call it now and she replied, " Yes because I am not that young to call it a blankie anymore!!" 
- She calls her tap shoes her "tappers"
- On Friday, she didn't want to wear her Minnie mouse shirt I had picked out, so I said, but Caroline it's Minnie mouse day.  It worked.  Yea!!  When we were leaving daycare she said, "Oh no, nobody knew it was Minnie mouse day today.  They didn't wear her!!"  I just replied that's ok, they must have forgotten.  This girl doesn't forget much!!
- Yesterday morning the four of us were lying in bed.  Carter started playing with Caroline's face and then she said, "No Carter.  You cannot play with me.  I am not a toy!!!"  Then she looked over at him and said, "Dad.  I don't want Carter anymore" 
Then at dinner, she was laughing at how messy Carter was and said, "Momma.  I will never be mean to Carter again."  (so sweet, but we'll see how long that lasts!!)
-Last night, she wasn't wanting to go to bed, so I just kept taking her back when she got up.  On the last trip I kept saying how proud I was that she sleeps by herself and is such a big girl.  Then she asked me if I was going to turn into a big girl tomorrow, and I said we'll see, maybe.  Then she said so sweetly, "Oh, so you can reach things???"

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