Sunday, March 28, 2010


     I had the honor and pleasure of staying with my grandchildren while Kristi and Jeremiah went to Las Vegas for a few days.  I got to really know Carter better now that he is almost 10 months old, and he has developed the cutest personality.  He is a little flirt and charmer and so close to crawling and walking.  I'm not sure which he'll do first.  Caroline kept me well entertained the entire time.  One morning she asked me why I was putting on my makeup and I said, "so that I will look prettier"- She said "Oh" in her sweet little sing song voece.  I asked her if I looked prettier and she said, "Um, not yet".  I had to reapply my makeup after that because I laughed til I cried!! 
    She doesn't reprimand me anymore when I call her my made-up terms of endearments.  She would say, "Why do you call me kiddo? or Why do you call me monkey?".  The one that stuck was Mooshie.  She began to say, "I'm not kiddo, I'm mushy." (as she called it) 
    I loved every minute of my time here this week.  It makes my heart sing just seeing their sweet faces and hearing their sweet voices.  I'll be back in June-not a minute too soon!!!

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