Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I had a really good day with some students yesterday and today, so I thought I would brag on them a little.
  M. turned in his project and received a credit for Biology 1 and he is just days away from receiving his Biology 2 credit.  I'm so proud of M.  They were just about ready to kick him out last month, but another teacher and I advocated for him to just stay a little longer.  He also almost overdosed on cocaine a couple of weeks ago.  He said he's really ready to turn things around. 
  Miss B is miss attitude all the time.  She actually buckled down and typed an email to the water company for some research required in her LAP.  (I told her what to write word for word, but at least she asked for my help!!)  She also told me I looked really pretty and sounded sincere which made me feel good because I know I must have really looked as tired as I felt. 
  Today F. finished all of his curriculum except his project.  He was just about to get kicked out last week, but another teacher and I had a serious talk with him and he promised he would start showing up if we advocated for him.  He's been here everyday this week and he's making progress!!!
  L. told me today that she is being summoned to trial as a witness for a murder this past summer.  She said she might be missing a lot of school.  Everytime I saw her today she was working on some kind of schoolwork not socializing. 
It's been so nice to see these kids showing some signs of hope.  I just pray that they keep it up!!!

Good job!!

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