Monday, February 8, 2010


Our sweet Carter is just the most precious little boy you'll ever meet.  Here is what he's doing and liking at
8 1/2 months old. 
-He hardly ever cries, pretty much only when his teeth hurt or he's trying to crawl and gets frustrated.  He doesn't even cry when he gets an outfit or diaper change.  He just smiles.  (he even likes the cold wipes!)
-Has 4 teeth and more to pop up anytime. 
-Doesn't cry when I leave at daycare, but is starting to when I leave the room at home.
-Starting to cry when he hears Caroline cry.  Oh how he loves his sister!!!  She can get him to laugh when nobody else can!!  He loves to jump with her on the big chair. 
-Speaking of his laugh:  It is so cute.  It sounds like he's gasping for air, or he just chuckles a little.  We still have to try pretty hard sometimes to get him to laugh.  He usually wiggles when he's excited.
-He's not really talking.  He does say Mama when he cries.  Jeremiah is just jealous and says he wouldn't brag about that.  Haha!!
-We still can't get him to smile for the camera.  That's why he's never smiling in pictures.  I promise, he really is a very happy boy!!  He is so stoic as soon as he sees it.  
-He is a pro at sitting up now.  He loves to rock back and forth and he can stay balanced.  He's trying so hard to crawl, but ends up flopping like a fish or moving backwards or in circles.  
- He grabs EVERYTHING like his food, my glasses, and the remote.  
- Carter loves baths!!
- He eats everything.  He's now eating the chunky stage 3 foods.  His favorite are the sweet potatoes and least favorite are peaches. 
- Just started supplementing a little formula to make sure he has plenty of liquids.  I'm not keeping up so great anymore.
- He sleeps really well.  He still cries some when he goes down for the night if he's awake.  Most nights he's so tired he falls asleep while I rock him.  His naps are getting much shorter.  I'm actually glad because his first four months he slept away!!! 
-Favorite toys: saucer, jungle, Sophie the giraffe, remote controls
- He's liking peek-a-boo.  When I cover his face, he'll lift his eyes over the towel and smile. 
-Carter is starting to give me kisses.  I love that!!!
-He's so cute because he's so calm and quiet, but he'll have these little bouts of screaming. 
-It looks like he's going to have blue eyes like his sister.  (who would have thought!!) 

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