Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Pajamas Kind of Weekend

Cute babies in their pjs!!!
We started out the weekend with some of Jeremiah's french toast.  Then we just spent the day cooped up inside with all the snow still on the ground.  We just ate and played a lot.  Caroline and Carter played doctor.  We cleaned some too.  (I cleaned, Caroline made messess.  Haha.). Caroline got out her little rocking horse Saturday night and Carter sat on it and rocked.  He loved it.  I'll post a video of it as soon as I figure out how to do so.  Caroline and Carter were both in bed and asleep within minutes.  Yea!!
We were still cooped up on Sunday, so Caroline and I decided to get out and buy some groceries.  (still in our pjs and sweats)  She was so funny in the store.  She kept pointing things out and saying, "Oh mom.  That looks delicious!!"  We got lots of smiles.  On the way out we got stuck in the parking lot.  Not with the car, but with the buggy.  It wasn't so smart to by a cart full of groceries when the parking lot was slush and ice.  When I could no longer push the buggy, I went to the back and pulled it.  Then as I used my whole body to pull, I realized we weren't going to move.  I looked around and we were in a puddle of freezing cold slush with ice all around us.  Just as I was wondering how to get out and Caroline asking what I was doing, a nice man came up to help us.  Thank you!!!
The night ended with some yoga, dinner, baths, and news of school cancellations for Monday!!!
Carter was crying and Caroline made him feel better.

Now he's laughing!

What a good patient!!

He loves his doctor!!

Finally smiles for the camera!

Looking at the snow.

Hanging out in Carter's crib.

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