Sunday, February 14, 2010


Wow, for someone who never really make a big deal out of Valentine's day, I sure have posted a lot on it!!!  What am I, up to about 6 now.  Haha!! 
Today was a good day.  Jeremiah had to get up to do driver's ed, so the majority of the day was spent with Caroline, Carter, and me.  When Carter went down for his nap, Caroline and I  made Daddy a Valentine's card.  We went through many of my magazines and picked out things that he likes.  This was really fun and Caroline got to say what she thinks her Daddy likes.  Right before Jeremiah got home, Caroline was saying that she missed him. Then he showed up with 3 roses (because she's 3 years old)  and a card for her.  I wish I would have gotten her reaction on video because it was just precious!!  She was so excited and surprised.  Thank you Jeremiah for making her feel so special.  I love that she will never have to doubt how much she is loved by her Daddy.  Oh, and he got me a really sweet card and some tulips.  What a sweet guy!!!
Happy Valentine's to our Daddy who loves.......

But most of all Daddy loves Caroline and Carter!!

Carter waiting on Daddy to come home. 


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Karen said...

Jeremiah - what a sweet and loving thing to do for your girls for Valentine Days. I love that you love them (and Carter) so well!