Tuesday, February 23, 2010


My pretty Valentine's tulips are blooming!!!  We had a pretty uneventful weekend.  The weather was yucky and I felt yucky.  
 Friday night Jeremiah and I went out for dinner at Othellos.  It was really good.  Nanno and Papa came over to stay with the babies.  They had lots of fun!!!  Carter was in bed when we got home and Caroline was awake waiting up on us.  Saturday, I felt really yucky so we just stayed around the house while Jeremiah taught driver's ed.  Carter slept very little and Caroline didn't nap until about 4 pm.  One minute she was playing and the next she was asleep on the chair with Pickles.  Then Carter finally took a nap on the couch.  Finally, they were both asleep at the same time!!!  For a little while anyway.  So, I got to watch a little bit of the Olympics and rest.  After Jeremiah got home I got to use my new giant skillet from Mims.  I love it!!  I cooked perogies and only used 1 pan instead of 4 like I usually have to do.  THANK YOU MIMS!!!  After Caroline woke up, she ended up staying up until almost midnight.  It was hard to make her go to bed because she was so hyper and happy!!!  Sunday, it was really cold and yucky out, so we just hung out while Jeremiah drove again.  I started to feel a little better, so Caroline and I got out and went to Target to get baby food.  Somehow we also left with and Ariel doll.  She talked me into it!!!  HAPPY 9 MONTH BIRTHDAY CARTER!!!!.  (on Sunday)

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