Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dr. Adolf Brown III: AMAZING

I had the priviliege of seeing Dr. Brown's presentation twice last week.  He is an amazing motivational speaker.  He came from rough childhood in Philly. He eventually went on to become a teacher, then administrator, then Dr. and Dean.  He now travels the country and speaks to corporations, students, teachers, and parents.  I first heard him Monday when he spoke to 6,000 OKCPS employees.  He was amazing.  Then I got to hear him Tuesday when he spoke to our students.  How lucky are we that he spoke directly to us.  He is so real and doesn't hold back anything.  Oklahoma City schools reserved him for the entire week.  Last week, he spoke to the employees, students all around the district, and even spoke to the parents.  I just wish everyone could hear what he has to say.  It's funny because all these things I say to my students, he said it too.  I'm sure they think it's way cooler coming from him than me, so I was glad to hear some of them say, "Mrs. Graham, you say that too."  They've been calling me Mrs. G.  from the Freedom Writers.  I guess I need to watch it again and see what they mean.  Here are some pictures of his presentation to our students.  I'll try to post more later about specifics he discussed. 
He was in this disguise as he mingled with the crowd.  No one knew who he was.  He got on stage later and discussed how he was treated by being dressed this way. 

He was actually disrupting the start of the presentation.  

He was called on stage for disrupting the show before they revealed who he was.

There he is.  Can you believe he is in his 50's!!! 

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