Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow day #3 (Monday)

Wow, another day off of school.  It sounds fun and it is, but I don't want to be making these days up when it's nice outside.  I always think I want to get snowed in, but I think what I mean is to be snowed in for about 2 days and then for it to all be gone and nice and sunny outside!!  Today started out with french toast.  Good thing I'm trying to work out more or I'd be huge from all this french toast!!!  We decided to get out as a family and go to the mall.  This was where the majority of the day was spent.  We got Caroline and Carter dressed up since we've been in pjs for the past few days.  Caroline had one meltdown.  In J. Crew I got on to her for touching all the clothes, then I saw her grabbing a bunch of belts.  She ran out of the store to Jeremiah and told him I was being mean to her.  Then she had her fit/meltdown in front of  Nine West. She's really never had one of those where everyone starts looking at us!!  Good thing it didn't last too long.  Carter didn't fuss one time.  He loved riding around looking at everything!! We were very good.  The only money we spent was on a snack!!!  Then we came home and had dinner and watched the bachelor.  Oh, and no school again tomorrow!!

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