Thursday, February 25, 2010


Part of the fun of gymnastics nights is the car ride to Edmond and getting to listen to Caroline talk all the way there. 
Here was the conversation as soon as we got in the car from daycare. 
CAROLINE: What's that smell mom?
ME:  What does it smell like, coffee?
CAROLINE:  Yeah.  What are you drinking coffee for?  It's not morning!! 
ME:  Because I'm really tired and I need something to wake me up. 
CAROLINE:  What for??  (the why everything stage has arrived!!!)
ME:  I need something to wake me up because I'm tired. 
CAROLINE:  Oh ok mom.  So, you were sleeping in your car???
ME:  Oh noooooooooo!!  Haha. 
Funny girll!!

Next one as we drove on the highway:
CAROLINE:  Mom, is that Lowe's over there?
ME:  (amazed)  Yes.  Wow how did you remember that? 
CAROLINE:  Because I love Lowe's mom!!  (she ends or starts everything with Mom.) 

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