Sunday, February 14, 2010


I've never been a big Valentine's person, but I guess having kiddos changes that!!  As usual, I took on more than I have time to do, but we had fun prepping for the Valentine's Day at daycare.  I decided to try and make handmade cards for all of Caroline's classmates and Carter's best friend Catch and their teachers.  I didn't realize that we wouldn't even get started until 9:30 after the cupcakes were made and we had dinner.  Needless to say, I ended up being up until 1:00am finishing them up, but that's ok. I had fun doing it!! 
Just call me Martha!!  Haha.  

This was colored at school that day.  Sweet!!

In the works!!

For Carter's best friend.

For Caroline's classmates.
Friday morning:  dressed up and ready to go!!
Carter too!!


Karen said...

Wow!!! I am calling you Martha from now on!!! The cupcakes are works of art and the valentines are wonderful!! Your children are so blessed to have such a loving, caring mommy.

Brittany S. Manley said...

All of this is absolutely precious! I can't wait to start making Valentines with the kiddos! I guess I'll need a little girl first. Not sure Catch will be all into that. :0)

Kristi said...

Thank you Momma!!
Brittany it was fun, but I shouldn't have started it all the night before. I learned my lesson when I was exhausted Friday. Haha.