Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Our sweet little guy is already 9 months old!!!  I just can't believe it.  Before I know it, I won't even have a baby anymore!!  Here's what he's up to since my last update:
- Carter is making so many sounds.  He says Momma now when he's happy, not just upset.  :)
He said Dada yesterday.  Sunday he was playing with the ladybug on his saucer saying Bu bu bu.   
- He has started reaching up for me when I walk near him.  It's hard not to pick him up when he looks up with those blue eyes and chubby cheeks!!
- He is grabbing at EVERYTHING!!
- He cries when Caroline cries.  It's pretty pitiful.  He loves his sister. 
- He is napping a lot less.
- He gives high fives.  It started out trying to teach him to wave hi, and it turned into a high five.  He seems to enjoy that one more. 
- He gives me the sweetest kisses.  That's my favorite!!!
-Carter is still not crawling, but he's a pro at turning circles.  Then he gets mad and rolls onto his back.  He's in no rush to do all the crawling and pulling up.  A part of me is ok with this because it means he's going to be a baby longer, but his best friend Catch is about to walk.  Speaking of comparing Carter and Catch, Carter is about 2 pounds and 2 inches smaller than his buddy.  Carter does have him beat in # of teeth though.  He has 6 and is cutting more as we speak!! 
-At his appointment, Carter weighed in at 19 pounds 15 ounces and measured 26 3/4 in lenghth.  This was the 25-50th percentile in both.  Dr. Dooley does want to see him in a month to check his head circumference again.  She's a little concerned because it went from 50th to 75th to 97th percentile in 9 months.  Caroline's was always in the 90th, but Carter's didn't start there, where hers did.  We'll have to say some prayers that everything's ok and he won't need a scan of his brain next month. 
Carter Edward is just as precious as can be.  We are so in love with this little guy.  (Caroline's getting there!)
Giving high fives.  

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Brittany Manley said...

He is too cute! I picked him up the other day to hold him and was surprised by how light he was! He's so round, I actually expected him to be heavier. He just melted into my arms. I can't believe he already has 6 teeth!!! He's going to be eating steak in the next couple months! ;0) I hope all goes well next month. Can't wait to visit with you this Sunday!